Health is very important for the human for a peaceful life. Health determines the strength of human to work. Maintaining health is not the easiest task to do by a normal human because they must spend control some activities in normal life. Food diet and exercise are the major factors which controls health in human body. The human body has capability to take frequent changes but it will show the result after sometime so one cannot control their health or body fitness immediately but it need some time period. If you are at the initial stage of the health controlling then, Food diet is the first step for first step.
The food diet, Is not only limiting the quantity of food but also the kind of food. Many people reducing the quantity of food to maintain their body fitness or to control their weight but it make many health problems some time may reach serious conditions. People should get proper awareness on the food diet. The fruit and vegetables are the best food for diet instead of reducing the food quantity. The proteins and vitamins in this foods are more where it give the better strength and stamina in our body. The morning breakfast must at least have with some fruit content, Like sandwich or fruit salad. The afternoon lunch must have the wheat, rice content to make your body healthy. In the night inner you must add the juice or milk products with your food. The fresh fruits with little fresh milk products is more enough to have a better healthy sleep.

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